Outdoor LED Display

1. The outdoor LED display for advertising industry use is energy efficient, due to its low voltage power supply and drive IC. With 30% reduction in power consumption, it helps cut down users' running cost, and contributes to environmental protection.
2. With quick and convenient assembly and disassembly, it assists in saving installation time and labor cost as well.
3. Due to pixel by pixel brightness and color correction technique, each display panel, even an entire display screen offers excellent color uniformity. Also, LEDs with small tolerance wavelengths also ensure improved visual performance.
4. CNC processing techniques and pilot pins ensure that all cabinets come with great flatness and can be seamlessly assembled.
5. High brightness 10,000 cd/m2 is available.
6. High refresh rate up to 4800Hz is available.
7. The outdoor advertising LED display supports displaying of 16-bits grayscale images.
8. After video processing, the product offers superior quality images, and is able to offer picture in picture, unlimited scaling, and many other special display functions and effects.
9. It has good heat dissipation. It provides enough space for the installation of power supply system and system cards, and meanwhile, it is equipped with fans to reduce inside temperature efficiently.
10. Designed with water resistant masking, the display screen offers protection grade up to IP65 for the front side and IP54 for the back side.
11. The product is CE compliant. That is, it is compliant with the Electro Magnetic Compatibility & Low Voltage Directive.

1. Maintenance from the front and the back side are both possible.
2. Fully technical support is available.
3. All the outdoor LED displays are provided with 2 years warrantee and lifetime maintenance, and our customer service is available in 24-hour a day, 7-day a week.
4. We offer professional operation training upon request.