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R Series Outdoor LED Display

1. The outdoor LED display comes with IP65 protection grade for its front side and IP54 for its back side, making it ideal for use in various environments. Meanwhile, constructed using fire retardant materials, it can be installed in many places around the world without any influence on display quality. It supports working temperatures from -30℃ to 60℃, and can offer protection grade up to IP65 for the front side and IP54 for the back side, according to clients' demands.
2. It offers superior heat dissipation performance due to the design of 6-layer PCB and optional aluminum cabinets.
3. Thanks to our adoption of CNC processing technique, the cabinets can be gaplessly combined together.
4. The maximum brightness up to 10,000nit is customizable.
5. The kingpin for hanging installation has high strength and ensures safety. Its micro adjustment function ensures seamless assembly of the cabinets.
6. Due to steel materials with high thickness, the cabinets offer good structural stability even after repeated installation.
7. Pixel to pixel correction technology assures uniform color and brightness for newly replaced modules.
8. The product has a maximum refresh rate up to 3000Hz. When using video cameras for video capturing, the final video quality is very high. Straight lines usually caused by low refresh rate on the video cannot be seen.
9. The Outdoor Rental LED Display is accessible from the front side of the module or the cabinet.

In order to ensure maximized customer convenience, we can offer a complete set of LED display system, including the rental framework, video processor, hanging beam, grounding support beam, DVI distributor, video division machine, power distribution box, fiber connecting system, etc., in addition to the LED screen. Meanwhile, we offer the products with 2 years warranty and lifetime maintenance, and 24/7 service is available. Hence, clients can feel secure in placing orders.