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LR Series Rental LED Display

1. The light weight Outdoor Rental LED Display delivers flicker-free and clear images. It comes with deep and uniform colors across the entire screen surface, due to the high refresh rate up to 2000Hz, high contrast ratio, 16-bit processing, and the new color and brightness correction technique.
2. Being energy efficient, the product reduces energy consumption by 40%.
3. Due to the fine workmanship, as well as the CNC processed aluminum cabinets, it features high structure strength and stability, as well as highly accurate cabinet size.
4. With fanless design, it is noise free while offering no compromising on heat dissipation performance.
5. Thanks to the light weight, small space occupation, quick locking mechanism, and simple structure design, the product is convenient for transportation, installation, and maintenance.
6. The fast installation LED display is equipped with a self-developed control system which is reliable and user-friendly.
7. Over a decade experience in this industry, coupled with our strict quality control system and the continuous support from our cooperators, allow us to offer reliable and reputed LED screens.
8. As a state-owned enterprise with rigorous cost control measures, we can offer highly cost efficient products with lifelong maintenance service.