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Mobile LED Screen

The LED screen is mobile due to its design of 4 omni-directional wheels on the trailer system. It is commonly used as the LED advertising banner in varied occasions. Due to fine quality raw materials, it can be utilized in varied environmental conditions with varied ambient temperatures. Meanwhile, it is designed with IP65 for the front side and IP54 for the back side, so as to assure superior outdoor performance.

The product is able to achieve a maximum brightness up to 10,000 nit. CNC processing technique ensures gapless assembly of the cabinets. Additionally, the pixel to pixel correction technology ensures the optimum color and brightness uniformity for all modules, even the newly replaced ones. These make sure the LED display screen can offer improved visual performances by offering clear and sharp images.

In addition to mobile LED screens, we can also offer installation accessories and other related devices, including the installation framework, hanging beam, video processor, video division machine, power distribution box, and so on. For customer convenience, we offer 2 years' product warranty and lifelong maintenance service. 24/7 service is also available

Technical Specifications
Specifications Parameters
Model No. R8-E
Pixel pitch Visual pitch: 8mm / physical pitch:16mm
Brightness ≥5000nit (After Calibrating)
Pixel configuration 2R1G1B
Pixel density 3,906 pixels/sq.m
Viewing angle (min. 50% brightness) Horizontal: 140 degree (+70/-70) Vertical: 60 degree (+15/-45)
Lifetime (full white – 50% brightness) ≥75,000 Hours
Power consumption / sq.m Max.: 1,050W Avg.: 350W
Refresh frequency ≥500Hz
Color spectrum 281trillion
Weight/panel 42Kg
Control system Desayopto system
Certification CE
Module size 256mm×256mm
Panel size 1024mm(W)×768mm(H) = 0.7864sq.m (Depth: 160mm)
Recommended viewing distance ≥20m
Ingress protection IP65/IP43 (front/rear)
Operating environment Temperature: -20℃~+60℃; Humidity: 10%~95%
Input voltage 110~230V/AC(±10%)
Input power frequency 50/60Hz
Control system constitution Main controller + Branch controller + DVI card + CAT5/Fiber
Video input DVI, HDMI, PAL/NTSC/SECAM;S-Video; VGA; RGB; Composite Video; SDI, etc.
Transmission distance Multi mode fiber< 500m, Single mode fiber < 30Km, internet cable < 100m
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