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Outdoor Rental LED Display

Conventional electric screens such as CRT vedio walls, rear projection vedio walls, front projection screens, plasma display panels (PDP), etc. have limited applications due to their insufficient brightness, size limitation, and installation difficulty, etc., especially in places like sports venues, big parties, live broadcast of TV programmes, exhibitions, and more. In order to meet the growing rental demands for the LED display, we at Desay have specially designed and made an extensive line of Outdoor Rental LED Display, which comes in a variety of specifications. Superior quality, economical prices, together with our professional customer service, makes our Outdoor Rental LED Display, and other products increasingly popular for use in a number of big events.

As an experienced Chinese advertising LED screen manufacturer, we are happy to be able to help you with the best Outdoor Rental LED Display solution for your specific needs, on the basis of different applications and characteristics in many industries. If you are in need of the LED screen, please contact us. We at Desay are looking forward to working with you.