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G Series Transparent LED Display

Transparent display stands for the next generation cutting-edge LED technology, which is most widely installed for the back of glass wall and retail's showcases. High transparency rate, max 90%, without any influence for indoor's natural illumination. Hidden installation, slim and lighweight, no need complicated installation structure, led strip design, very easy and simple to maintain. Small spacing high permeability, high brightness, light weight, single light bar maintenance

1. Transparent LED display with independent intellectual property rights dedicated to the glass curtain wall construction advertising and lighting of the pioneering products;
2. High transmittance, the use of glass still retains the perspective of lighting functions, far from the LED lights are almost imperceptible, so that the glass curtain wall attachment space is not affected;
3. Light, thin, small, easy installation and maintenance, LED display installed after almost no space, without prejudice to the glass curtain wall near the other facilities or structure;
4. Transparent LED display weighs only 18kg / ㎡, the glass curtain wall load requirements are very small;
5. Transparent LED display without a mask or the use of transparent plexiglass shell, simple and beautiful, but also reduce the weight of the box;
6. Modular design is conducive to large-scale factory production and on-site rapid installation, according to the customer's glass size, flexible change module size;
Transparent LED display screen can not only improve the aesthetics of the building, and indoor installation, outdoor use of the characteristics of the building has no effect on the appearance. And the installation of the LED glass curtain wall display, you can save a lot of wind lighting lamps, LED large screen at the same time more attractive, you can save costs and has significant advertising effectiveness.

Parameter Unit G5 G7 G10
Pixel pitch mm 5.208 7.813 10.417
Brightness nits 6000~8000
Pixel configuration R/G/B SMD 3 in 1
Colour temperature deg.K 6500
Viewing angle-Horizontal (50%brightness) deg. 120(+60/-60)
Viewing angle-Vertical (50%brightness) deg. 100(+50/-50)
Recommended minimum viewing distance m 5.2 7.8 10.4
Transparency ratio % 65 70 75
Panel width mm 500
Panel heigh mm 500
Panel depth mm 75
Panel area 0.25
Panel material
Panel weight Kg 7.5
Pixels per panel
9,216 4,096 2,034
Pixels per sq.meter
36,864 16,384 9,216
Pixel matrix per panel
96X96 64X64 48X48
Gray scale (linear) Levels 16,384 Levels per colour
Brightness control Levels 255
Digital processing bit 14
Frame rate Hertz 50/60
Display refresh rate Hertz 1000
Panel input format
Proprietary SDI, RGBHV, YUV, YC, Composite
Data interconnection
Gigabit Etherner Transceiver
Input voltage (nomina) VAC 100V~240V
Input power frequency Hertz 50HZ~60HZ
Input power (max) W/m² 750 700 680
Input power (rated) W/m² 230 245 238
Operating temperature range deg.C 0~+50
Lifetime (50%brightness) Hours ≥100,000
Install mode
Fast lock
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